Developing an Identity

Our logo was developed by one of our own, Jhoanna...

About Me:

My name is Jhoanna, and I am from the Philippines; I lived in Singapore for about 12 years before moving to Jeju to work as a curriculum specialist. 

Aside from spending time on personal artistic projects, I like to engage in physical activities and learn new skills, which was why I joined Gaelic. 

However, more than giving me a reason to stay active and have fun, joining the team has also allowed me to connect with people who are all very talented, supportive, and welcoming. 

About the Crest:

The hexagon shape and geometric design on the crest play an integral role as the sharp edges represent Jeju’s volcanic rocks; aesthetically, the geometric design adds visual depth and uniqueness far from the traditional crests.  

The three distinctive colours of black, orange, and turquoise represent the colours of the basalt rock, sunset and sea, respectively.

The elements of the crest are straightforward and easily understood to represent where the team originated, hence, the outline of the island, Mount Hallasan, and the sunset, which also symbolizes the GAA football. Finally, the Celtic font is the representation of Irish Gaelic.

The overall design of the crest is the result of all the ideas shared by members of the Inis Jeju Gaelic team

Naviagte the images below to see the progression of the crest from it's early ideas to final success!